Wednesday, March 17, 2010

6 miles

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
This morning we delivered frozen meals & groceries to 12 clients in Silver Spring, MD.
In the afternoon, we prepared special-diet meal bags for 200 clients.
Through our experiences, we are surprised by how many clients are young and/or have children. We are impressed that F&F not only provides meals, but also nutritional counseling. HIV/AIDS and cancer patients probably have some of the most costly medical bills, so food is more than just nourishment, but an opportunity to spend money on their medications. F&F aims to reverse the cycle of poverty, by combating underlying social issues. Our ASB team will take away a valuable lesson of being less judgmental, because we have realized how many people are products of their unfortunate environments.
Because of our ASB trip, we have all been inspired to enter the business world with a sense of social duty and moral responsibility.
After volunteering, we headed straight to the Lincoln Memorial, and got lost en route to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. We calculated that we walked 6 miles in total! At least we had warm, sunny weather to walk through!
D.C. out

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