Friday, March 19, 2010

Hold on tight, we're taking a right

Our final day ended with us delivering 6 meals to clients in Silver Spring, MD. We are so grateful to have worked with Food & Friends Inc., especially since it is the first time ASB went to Washington D.C. A special thank you to all the family, friends, and those at Kelley who made our trip happen!

Before we hit the town at night we went to the Holocaust museum and took an extensive tour of the exhibits. After that, we took a Monuments by Moonlight trolley tour, where we took in all the glory of Washington D.C. at nighttime.

When we got back to the hostel we all sat down and reflected upon what we had learned from each other during the week. We are all very unique, but individually we have each brought something special to the group. Kacey, the outgoing and charismatic one; Joe, the funny (and hungry) one; Dev, the Investment Banking (I can have a conversation with anyone) guru; Meghan, the most motivating and outgoing site leader EVER; Kristina, the passionate and well spoken one; and Alyssa, the most graceful and responsible one.

Sleeping in the same room with 40 others, definitely brought us closer and going home tomorrow will be bittersweet.

20 hours until we reunite with Bloomington!

D.C. Out

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