Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mr. Chicken & Miss Pudding

We continued to perfect our delivery system today, handing out meals to 9 clients in the D.C. area. Later we completed our final day of working in the kitchen, stuffing 150 meal bags. (Shout out to Chef Jerry who oversaw our assembly line, and gave the food proper titles, eg Mr. Croissant)
This week, we have especially enjoyed talking to the Food & Friends staff, because all are passionate about the work they do.
We also are impressed by F & F's policy of anonymity, because it protects clients who may unfortunately be discriminated against due to their illnesses.
Since we are in Washington D.C., the political capitol of the world, our team has been inspired to reflect on the government's involvement in poverty and other social issues. It's amazing to us that our Nation's Capitol has such a strong dichotomy between the wealthy and poor.
We have had a great week so far and are looking to our final day of delivering tomorrow!
D.C. out
Interesting Fact: Jenny from Forrest Gump was a victim of HIV/AIDS.

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