Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hair Nets?! Oh Yeah

This morning we delivered meals and groceries to sixteen clients, all within Washington D.C. We then faced our culinary fears and bought two "New York" pizzas, which we all agreed were disguised Papa John's pies. In the afternoon, we formed an extremely efficient assembly line and bagged over 200 meals. Afterwards, we rolled up our sleeves and cleaned the work space, which included washing dishes.
After volunteering, we walked around beautiful and sunny D.C., touring the Air and Space Museum. Dev and Joe's, aka Maverick & Iceman's, bromance blossomed when they rode the Flight Simulator together!
On the way to dinner, we ran into some fellow Indiana residents at the Smithsonian Castle, and gave a HOO-HOO-HOO-HOOSIER shout-out.
We ended our day watching the sunset from the Washington Memorial.
DC out.
PS - Our dope group is currently working on a sick flow that highlights our D.C. trip to a fly beat....stay tuned!

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